Meet our team of highly trained professionals

Our doctors and staff truly work as a team. After working together for many years, our systems and procedures are efficient and seamless allowing us to better focus on patient care and education. Our staff regularly attends continuing education courses to constantly improve their skills and knowledge.

Our surgical assistants are trained in the latest periodontal procedures. Each of our assistants is qualified to answer your questions regarding all of the procedures done in our office. They enjoy working with patients and look forward to the follow-up visits to make sure that things are going well. Please feel free to bring up any questions or concerns that you may have.

Front Office Staff

Tina Burgan
Patient Coordinator, Palo Alto Study Club Coordinator
Tina will be the one to ensure that you move through treatment in our office as smoothly as possible. Comprehensive care often includes a team-based approach. She is responsible for seeing that there is seamless integration of treatment between the offices of your treatment team. Additionally, Tina serves as the Coordinator for the Palo Alto Study Club, which emphasizes interdisciplinary care and is directed by Dr. Beckstead.


Surgical Assistants

Haydeh Tahami Ellison
Surgical Assistant
Haydeh was first introduced to our office as an extern while receiving her training at Foothill College. She has served as a surgical assistant since 1997. In addition to her surgical duties she is responsible for the preparation of the postoperative packets that are provided for each of our patients. You will find Haydeh very personable as she enjoys talking with our patients and helping them to feel at ease prior to treatment.

Registered Dental Hygienists


Rene Pond
Dental Hygienist
Rene has worked in our office since 1978. She is considered a periodontal therapist, as she is extremely concerned about patient care and constantly stresses home care. She customizes treatment to achieve a higher level of health and tries to foster healthier attitudes about dentistry amongst our patients. Rene has developed a very loyal following and will always be in demand for her services.
Cynthia Wassom
Dental Hygienist
Cynthia has been a dental hygienist for many years and brings a broad range of dental experience to our staff. She is extremely personable and outgoing and she truly enjoys the opportunity for interaction with our patients. She provides an optimal blend of technical and interpersonal skills.