Antibiotics are used in many forms in the scope of our practice to control or prevent bacterial infections or to reduce the destructive effects of the body’s response to bacteria.

Systemic Antibiotics

Antibiotics are delivered systemically via pills, I.V., or intramuscular injection. They are primarily used to control acute infection or as an adjunct to control a severe, chronic infection. For some patients antibiotics are prescribed prior to dental treatment to reduce risks of bacterial infection to the heart or artificial joints.

Locally Delivered Antibiotics

There are several antibiotics that are available for use in the areas where infections occur around the teeth. They are provided in the form of a gel, fiber, or chip and can be placed under the gum by a hygienist or dentist for the treatment of periodontal disease. Full mouth treatment with locally-delivered antibiotics is not cost effective; however, when localized sites need treatment, antibiotics can be an important tool to help combat gum disease.

Host Modulated Antibiotics

PERIOSTAT is a very low dose antibiotic (Doxycycline), which is administered to reduce the destructive effects of the immune response against bacteria causing gum disease. The antibiotic is delivered in such a low dose that it does not kill the bacteria but reduces the inflammation associated with its presence. Perostat has been shown to be effective as an adjunct to other forms of periodontal treatment such as scaling and root planing.